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Audio Drama for Pessimists

A quick stop in anthology land, for a series that started back in 2011, and wandered along for eleven episodes over five years or so. If you have a dig through the feed though, you might spot that it contains the first few episodes of A Scottish Podcast, (of which I'm rather fond) as that contains no small link to the creators of this.

It's a series of tales, each of which has a little twist in the tale, mostly in order to end as miserably as possible. We've got escaped lunatics, rainy funerals, alien caretakers, necromancers and some frankly appalling employment practices. There's not a boring one between them, though I will admit I do wish we could see more of certain stories. For comparison, think of things like The Man in Black, or anything by Paul Jennings (if you don't get nostalgic hearing that name, I honestly feel sorry for your childhood, whether it was too late or too early).

Starts out as single narrator, but jumps into full cast rather quickly, and has pretty damn good sound. There's a nice variety of types of tale, bouncing between comedic and horrific, and I particularly enjoyed the one about a slightly awkward night out.

All fairly short pieces, such that you'll get through the entire series in a couple of hours, and it's an easy listen for that. I did the washing up. You might want to find something more exciting. Would certainly listen to a few more of these.

Score 5

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