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Bravo Two Charlies

Back to Wales in general, North Wales in specific and the North Wales Traffic Police in the far too close, seriously, step back a bit.

Detective Bab has moved up from "that London", following his wife's promotion to assistant regional manager of Specsavers, and he's finding it a bit difficult. As someone from the Met, used to abuse, crowds of potential threats, and the rising risk of terrorism, he's having to recalibrate his danger sense to mostly deal with errant sheep and hedgerow conflicts. That is, conflicts with hedges.

It's not made any easier by his new colleagues, who are alternately hangrily violent, a bit simple, very boring, slightly in lust with him, and Sherlockian in their observation abilities, but weirdly disinterested. All of whom share the same overly chatty dispatcher. (I'll be saying "hiyaaa" for days.)

The team have some major problems to deal with, including counterfeit goods, a pop(corn)-up cafe, and Princess Anne's bladder. They handle them all with the elan and aplomb you would expect from the cast of a comedy show, which is to say, not very much. It only gets worse when the tank squadron turns up.

Pretty damn funny, with an impressive range of different characters for such a large cast and a relatively short time to get each of their stories out. Had a fair few laugh out loud moments, and even if the tension level is low, the little conversational back and forths are unexpectedly compelling. I'm invested in following their lives more than I have been in a comedy in a while, so definitely going to listen to the rest of this.

Score 4

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