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Oh Yes It Is, Oh No It Isn't!

Like the recent WIQ, this is another themed quiz show, but instead of the Women's Institute, here the theme is pantomime. Hosted by Billy Differ, it's two teams of three panto actors answering questions, facing singing challenges, and trying to bluff their opponents.

There's the common types of questioning, both conferring on difficult problems and a quick fire round with even more impressive technology than usual. They've got this astounding device that turns buzzers into an incredibly human sounding voice, picking out who is suggesting an answer.

They've also got a panto-themed version of Would I Lie to You?, with embarrassing stories about their lives on the stage, (and no small amount of name-dropping) as well as a round in which they have to sing Christmas songs in the style of famous people, such as Elvis Presley. Or the Queen.

With more professionally trained actors, who have something of a comedic bent to their standard performances, this is a significantly jollier programme than WIQ. It shows the advantage of having people who are experienced entertainers providing the answers, bringing in a fair bit of audience participation (though the theme does rather encourage it).

Nice bit of cheerfulness, and an easy one to listen to. Give it half an hour.

Score 4

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