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Best Anime of Autumn 2018

Now we're between the Autumn and Winter seasons of anime, it seems like an excellent time to sum up my best anime of the 2018 Autumn season. These are the ones that if you've missed, you might want to go back and catch-up before you start the Winter. Bit light this season, because very little has really astounded me. It's always possible I've missed a few things though (and I'll probably sneakily update it as I find a couple more things). Feel free to shout in the comments about any stand-outs you think should be on the list.

Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai

A surprisingly emotional tale of teenagers affected by "adolescence syndrome", a supernatural affliction that results in them developing odd powers, such as time travel or invisibility. It has an impressively deep plot, and had an excellent number of "what the heck?" moments that makes it one of the best of the year.

Release the Spyce

This is an enjoyable crossover between Kingsman, Mission Impossible and a schoolgirl schooldays show, with unexpectedly good action scenes and a nicely pumping soundtrack. Has a bit of pleasing silliness, but is actually a very solid thriller, with a decent cast of villains.

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

One of the better Isekai I've watched in a while, where even though the protagonist is a bit overpowered, the silliness of the premise makes up for it. From him having his old porn collection destroyed by the people he leaves behind, to the range of facial expressions you can fit on a tiny slime, this is just daft.

Zombie Land Saga

In this, a madman decides to bring a collection of dead idols back to life as zombies, in order to assemble the world's greatest idol group. Why? So he can increase the popularity of a small town. Reasonableness? Never heard of it. The madman is easily my favourite part, but the dead team have quite a lot of heart.