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Roommate From Hell

Claire and Bea met on Craigslist, as Bea was looking for a roommate and Claire was looking for somewhere to live. Claire is an atheist, and Bea is very religious. Surely this can't lead to wacky hijinks?

Well it does, but only because of why Bea is religious. She's a demon. A soul-dealing, mortal-murdering, shape-shifting warrior of Lucifer, immortal and living on Earth until the next time they decide to take on Yahweh. Since humans can be sort of fun to mess around with, Claire was planned as a handy pet, but she quickly finds her way into Bea's cold flinty heart, such that they can now pal around.

The world they live in is mostly Bea's, with their house-warming party involving no small number of vampires, werewolves and other hellish monstrosities. Each episode tends to feature one crazy happening or other, which thus far have included aliens, golems, rhyming curses and some biblically famous women.

The first episode/pilot runs to about 25 minutes, and has a fairly complex plot about Todd, a youth pastor that Claire really wants to bang. This is a problem for Bea, with her demonic allergy to Christ-monkeys. Luckily, Claire gets on-plan rapidly when she discovers Todd's penchant for doing Christian rock versions of pop songs. (These are remarkably on point, and more than a little impressive. The music in this is good.)

After that lengthy start however, the episodes run a lot shorter, and drift more into sketch territory than an ongoing dramatic plotline. These short pieces allow a quick exploration of a single idea, with Claire often the driver of the problem, and Bea the older and wiser solution, confidently wrapping up everything the troublesome mortals have done. There's no moralising here, no "teach the demon better ways", just good old fun and hellfire with the occasional bit of death and depravity for Claire to accidentally cause as she slips down the path of good intentions.

Which makes it all very enjoyable. The deuteragonists are a pleasingly chatty pair, with the dialogue kept mostly light and cheerful even when people are being slaughtered and organs are being removed. All too a nicely gory soundscape. I managed to binge through most of what's currently out in an afternoon, and I'm only sad it's as short as it is. I'd love some deeper episodes. Still, they've found their groove, and it's a good one to be in. Like comedy? Give it a try.

Score 4

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