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Best Anime of Summer 2018

Now we're between the Summer and Autumn seasons of anime, it seems like an excellent time to sum up the best anime of the recent Summer season. These are the ones that if you've missed, you might want to go back and catch-up before you start the Autumn. Bit light this season, because very little has really astounded me. It's always possible I've missed a few things though (and I'll probably sneakily update it as I find a couple more things). Feel free to shout in the comments.

Cells at Work is a worryingly educational show about the basic building blocks of the human body, and what they got up to in possibly the most accident prone person to ever be in an anime. Seriously, they get sliced, get a staph infection, pick up all sorts of viruses and start haemorrhaging all over the place. Still, the platelets are cute.

Summed up as "everyone is insane", Happy Sugar Life follows the relationship of a school girl who has found love in the arms of someone far too young, because that person is pure and good in a world that is mostly horrible and violent. Everyone tries to steal the tiny girl, because they're all monsters. The best sort of creepy.

It's a slight fanservice-y isekai, with a harem and an overpowered protagonist, but manages to contain both a lot more comedy and a lot more character development (in the MC and the wider cast) than you might typically expect. Had me chuckling along to it often enough to want more.

In We Rent Tsukumogami, a brother and sister duo run a shop that looks after and loans out a range of personal items (combs, hanging scrolls, lucky charms) in Edo Japan. These items each have a spirit attached to them, such that they can shapeshift from the object into a humanoid-ish figure, which they then use as tiny spies to solve crimes (and collect gossip).

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