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Revue Starlight

Okay, this is a strange one. I only had a look at it because someone else happened to mention it wasn't quite what I had thought it was, and I find myself still watching it out of a "what the hell?" response, because I'm curious to see what else is going to happen. It also has a couple of other positives.

The spoiler free version of this review is going to be rather limited, since it happens that the big twist happens in the first episode. Going to hide that, just in case you want to go in completely cold.

This is similar in approach to Comic Girls, with a collection of girls at an educational facility, attempting to become the greatest star. This involves training in dance, singing, acting and all the background components such as writing, producing etc.

Cooking skill level 1: unlocked.

It's their second year of three, and once again they're putting on "Revue Starlight", a musical which follows the trials of two princess lovers who are separated by fate and must fight to get back together.

The main character is Karen, attending the school with her best friend Mahiru, but her life is thrown into chaos when Hikari, a childhood friend, turns up out of the blue, reminding her of their old promise to star as the two leads in the Starlight Revue together. Around them are a whole class worth of chums, who all have their own troubles, either insecurity, the problems inherent to most yuri tales, a lot of jealousy and having to try harder.

Acting. Also good for crimes.

It's a very cheerful tale, with their lives having the usual low tension havoc, and a lot of pulling together to achieve common goals, all of them being determined to try their hardest.

Curiously, it appears to have been a musical before it was an anime (rather than a manga, as is common), and that nature runs heavily through it. The actresses sing the ending credits, and also have a part in the various songs that turn up in each episode as part of the remarkably full soundtrack. Honestly, the music in this is absolutely brilliant. If you want something cheerful, with hapy girls generally working together, maybe have a look at it.

If you want a hint of what's secretly going on, look below.

Score 4

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