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Jake Yapp's Media Circus

Remember Colin Hoult's Carnival of Monsters? Jake Yapp feels similar in this, as a ringmaster of two "helpers", (minions), George Fouracres and Emily Lloyd-Saini sneakily inspired by the phrase "media circus", and all that theoretically inspired.

What that boils down to is a mixed show, with some monologuing, a few sketches and the occasional song, about daytime TV (at least for this first show). Which puts me in the awkward position of trying to review a parody of something I've not watched for quite a long time. (I have netflix now.) Still, best have a go.

There's a lot in here, as there's no small number of programme types to have a punt at. The One Show comes in for a nice kicking, there's a surprisingly philosophical consideration of the "here's the life you could have had" genre, and for god knows what reason, an impression of Gyles Brandreth. Honestly, there's enough Brandreth with just one of him about. We really don't need more people playing him.

It sometimes feels a little unfocused, probably due to the sheer breadth of programme types being covered (though pleasingly it didn't do the usual Antiques Roadshow and Jeremy Kyle scenes that have been done fairly often). Did have a very funny bit about the Test Card, however, which sent me off into a bit of a google, where I discovered the girl's name was Carole Hersee, who apparently has been on telly for approximately eight years. Longer than absolutely anybody else. Except possibly the clown.

Certainly has a few standout moments though. The opening song about Salford (media city) is entertaining, I enjoyed "low budget drama", and I think the joke about a presenter, Matt Finish, didn't get the response it deserved. "Posh actor" was also good, and the songs in general were very fun.

What makes is though is the delivery. All three of them are excellent. Definitely a series I'll listen to.

Score 4

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