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Plum House

Didn't review the first series of this, so it's fair game.

A sitcom set in a "National Heritage Trust" property, the Plum House of the title, this is a workplace comedy dealing with the trials and tribulations of running a failing museum, staffed with an impressive range of incompetents.

It's a disaster of the week programme, with the disasters this week including a troublesome audio guide recording and a smashed chamberpot. There's also some worrying withdrawal symptoms for poor Alan, who is suffering from an addiction to warm Ribena. (And good god, did this programme give me an unexpected urge for that.)

I always enjoy just how much ridiculous tension you can get out of the wildly unimportant problems in things like this. The challenge of re-assembling the pottery in pitch darkness nearly blows their tiny minds, and the ham off between Callow and Jupp when recording an overly dramatic audio guide is brilliant.

This one shouldn't really need much of a recommendation for you, but here it is. Go listen. It's very enjoyable.

Score 4

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