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London Comic Con

Since time, that ever remorseless beast of a physical law has ground us small under its slow but pitiless wheels once again, we must be about due another convention.

So the Girl and I popped down to London, to drop in on theirs. Since I'm rubbish and didn't really plan ahead, I utterly failed to cosplay as anything, but the Girl did a sufficiently passable Jessica Jones that she got recognised and paparazzi'd half a dozen times, which was nice.

There were a few things we'd gone down for specifically for once, rather than just generally nerdiness, which is unusual for us, as we're mostly chaotically unplanned.

Highlight of the day for the Girl was likely Kevin Conroy, voice of Batman, who did a panel and she was allowed to ask a question of. She is a massive nerd.

Ignore the annoying compere.

Also neat was Tom Ellis, doing a quick half hour set, with unfortunately more singing than questions. He was a bit plagued by sound problems (a stall nearby had some rather annoying tunes turned a little too high) so it would have been nice if they'd focused on questions. All a bit overshadowed by its recent cancellation though, which gave it a slightly maudlin tone. He's still quite a funny chap though.

Keep ignoring the annoying compere.

I managed to catch the three authors I'd intended, Claire North, Mike Carey and Adrian Tchaikovsky, so that's a few things signed by them added to the collection. It's obviously a slightly weird event for them though, as they were booked in for half hour signing slots, but often didn't have much by way of foot traffic. A couple of them (Scott Lynch, Andrzej Sapkowski) had massive queues, but I don't think it's necessarily the best audience for them in general.

Decent spread of cosplay as always, with a worryingly tall Luthor in a very impressive Doom suit, the usual Star Wars collective and far too many Spider-Men and Deadpools.

Try to spot the Girl.

The thing we'd mainly headed down for was artist's alley/comic village though, and that didn't disappoint. I'd swear the comic village was even bigger than last time, and I picked up probably more than a half dozen things to have a read and review of later. Finally have all the side comics for Gunnerkrigg Court and also had (another!) nice chat with Jack Lawrence, with whose art the Girl is more than a bit obsessed. We now have more inks to add to the wall of Transformers.

A fun day, and I'm already working on my Constantine cosplay for the next one.

Score 4

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