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Alice or Alice

This is one I first heard about on Kotaku, in their spring list, and decided I had to hate watch because it had the summary "Alice and Alice are twins with an older brother who might like them too much." That had to be something impressively stupid that I could laugh at.

However, on Hidive, the summary is "Airi and Rise are twin sisters who like to spend their days having fun with their best friend, Maco, eating yummy food and hanging out with their older brother, who idolizes them." And that's a much more realistic description of the series. It's very "cute".

About as filthy as this gets.

The two girls are impressively useless, as are the rest of the female cast, being dependent on their brother for pretty much anything. They are incompetent at everything they try, including cooking, being maids and walking down the street. It's not the most imaginative show.

There's a rather large cast of useless women, including cat women, a childhood friend, and someone who appears to have been abandoned in a box. She comes with them due to the promise of burgers. Do they make harem shows where the sex is replaced by fuzzy emotions?

Two of them have tails. Nobody mentions this.

I don't actually know what the point of this is meant to be. It's obviously not meant to be lewd, and it fails to be sweet, because no-one has more than an inch of depth to their character. Part of me thinks it could only be intended as a time filler, to kill off five minutes, one and a half of which is the ending.

Literally the most significant plot twist of the entire show.

I've sat through the equivalent of an episode of a full length series, and I'm not convinced I saw enough plot in that time to fill half an episode. Skip it.

Score 1

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