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Isekai Izakaya: Japanese Food From Another World

So this is a completely novel concept, about a pub which happens to have a front door that opens out into a fantasy world. This time, the shop doesn't float around between worlds, but is always in one location (for as far as I've watched), so you get a bit more persistence in the characters, and less of the anthology style of others.

The fantasy world is naturally stalled at the vaguely medieval, so the concepts of proper brewing, food hygiene, or deep fat frying are completely unknown to it. This means that they're easily impressed by some of the most basic aspects of cooking, and tend to overreact when they encounter something slightly tasty. Honestly, if I ever find a door like this, I'm just selling crisps and coffee. Will make a killing.

Poor savages. Will never learn the word "beer".

Naturally the food and drink has to feature heavily, in a pornographic manner, but weirdly, the first two episodes feature the exact same food in the exact same sequence. They just push the student and teacher roles down a hierarchy level.

And weirdly, even though they've been staggeringly impressed by the beer, the steamed bean snacks and the salad, they still refuse to believe that the fourth thing they eat (fried chicken) can be anything other than horrible. So we get four cycles of the same "this must be awful, wait, my god, this is amazing" response (for two episodes).

They do at least take the food sufficiently seriously.

I assume the sauce is the knight's horse.

I did have a vague hope that the military leaders who visit the pub would find themselves obsessed with the food to such an extent that they invade the "real" world and set off a vast chain of events, but that hope isn't enough to keep me watching.

Each episode also ends with either a bit of real world cooking goodness, or some wandering around Japan literally advertising restaurants. I assume there's a bit of corporate sponsorship going on.

About 25% of every episode is this guy's hands.

The first two episodes also had an incredibly annoying problem with text splashed across the screen continuously, but they do seem to have sorted it for episode three onwards. Still, not going to tempt me back.

Score 2

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