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Six Degrees of John Sessions

Given how much John Sessions likes to talk about John Sessions, it's only natural that this programme by John Sessions about the life and times of John Sessions is presented by John Sessions.

This is mostly an excuse for him to name drop about the various famous people he's encountered over the years, such as Dirk Bogarde and Maureen O'Hara, in a similar manner to 52 First Impressions with David Quantick.

However, where Quantick's ego felt a little overpowering in that series, Sessions owns the "luvvy" stereotype to poke fun at his own character traits. He is frequently the butt of his own jokes, and the tales he tells rarely feature him as the main character.

There are various anecdotes, mostly about people I am too much of a philistine to know, but my ignorance didn't ruin the stories, as they are told with sufficient backstory to get one through.

I'll certainly be sticking with the rest of the series.

Score 4

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