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Given the title of this, I had been expecting something along the lines of Sketchorama, which had a range of different sketch comedy troupes giving their best. However, it's actually positioned as a more diverse Absolutely, being a consistent sketch troupe who take a satirical view of society.

I admit, I had a little panic with the very first sketch, which did a relatively close recreation of an early Goodness Gracious Me concept of Indians visiting the poor impoverished Britain, but the remainder of the sketches held up well.

It's positioned really nicely, running the line between cognizance of the difficulties of BAMEs and the hypocrisy of the activist "woke" generation. Best example? "All coffee is racist!"

Also nicely avoided most of the cliches of Brexit and its slightly racist overtones, striking mostly new ground, with a particularly fun look at the flight of a romanian to the UK.

The weakest part thus far is probably the punchlines, with what should be a nice finishing peak to the sketches tending to flop a bit. There's often far funnier material in the middle sections. Still, it's hardly going to ruin the series. Definitely one I'm going to listen to the rest of.

Score 4

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