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Isle of Dogs Exhibition

Wes Anderson has a new film out, "Isle of Dogs", a stop-motion about a boy trapped on an island with the few dogs remaining in a canine virus ravaged world. And in order to do a bit of advertising, there's an exhibition of the puppets used to produce this stop-motion film.

Robot dogs. If Wallace and Gromit have taught me anything, they're probably evil.

Not a massive space, but if you think about it briefly, (like I hadn't) that shouldn't really be a surprise. This type of film is generated using very small "sets" and a massive amount of tiny changes to a small model. You can fit most of the film world into a small section of a warehouse.

Real dogs. Presumably good.

The detail is exquisite on these pieces, though they have this slight unreality that puts them pretty firmly in uncanny valley for me. Not quite sure where on the spectrum I'd be happy, but they seem just a bit too weird. Will have to see what they're like in motion.

So many tiny windows to make.

Interestingly, they've also put together a person sized version of one of the sets, a noodle restaurant, to allow them to sell noodles to people who find themselves a bit hungry. Since the exhibition is free, this is where they're making the money.

Photo taken before unfortunate dropping incident.

Ramen actually pretty good, and more filling than the small portions I'd been expecting, but a bit steep at a tenner. Still, very nice.

Score 3