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A Very Fatal Murder

Now, I really have to admit at this point, I've not actually listened to any of the true crime podcasts that this is riffing off (not even the trend-setting Serial. Luckily, that doesn't appear to have altered my enjoyment of this parody by The Onion.

The premise is that the host, David Pascall, is investigating the murder of young, nubile, bubbly, hot, innocent and very dead Hayley. The poor, unfortunate, sexy girl was shot, stabbed, strangled and given a post-humous haircut. By why? For what reason? But why? All of these mysteries and more might be solved, but as long as someone wins a Pulitzer that doesn't really matter.

The basic joke of a murder that can only be solved by a podcaster is greatly expanded on, giving a view into a twisted vision of small-town America, which tends to play up to the expected stereotypes, but then pushes them one step further. They're all viewed through the eyes of the "metropolitan elite" host, whose self-satisfied nature gives a wonderfully cruel edge as he interviews a crying parent.

The form in general is played with, with surreal adverts "Join box box! Get a box delivered to you every month!" and the required cliffhangers always being impressively stupid.

The comedy comes thick and fast, with a laugh out loud moment every other minute. And it doesn't wear out its welcome, keeping nice and short.

Not something it'll take you long to get through, and it's absolutely worth doing so.

Score 5

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