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Boswell's Lives

The famous biographer of Samuel Johnson is portrayed once again by Miles Jupp, playing a time-traveling version, who pops back and forth through the past, in order to drop in on famous figures from history.

This week, it's Byron, with Freddie Fox gloriously overacting the romantic poet, acting as wonderful counter to the egotistical Johnson. Jupp gives his Boswell a vastly inflated ego, which is frequently punctured by the sharp barbs of the quipping Byron:

"You did not tell me you had a bear!"

"You did not ask."

I don't remember quite this much music in the previous series, but I don't know whether they've upped the ante, or my memory is just failing me. Quite an excellent selection though, with the skillful intertwining of the lyrics and Boswell bemoaning his lot.

It's a rather brilliant bit of fake history, with Jupp playing an impressive idiot, who envies the great poet and fails miserably to emulate him. One of those series I will always listen to.

Score 4

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