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You're Doing It Wrong

Adam Buxton is looking at modern life, wondering what we're doing wrong as a society. In this first episode, he's considering the world of work, trying to decide if it's possible to always love your job, such that it doesn't feel like work.

He does this with the assistance of various experts, the most worrying of which is a "happiness consultant", who sounds like an absolute terror in an actual office. There's also a remote-working expert, and a creative who doesn't seem to do much. The closest he got to something a little solid was an academic specialising in cognitive science. The "creative" who apprarently couldn't hold a job for more than a month was a rather low point.

This missed the mark wildly, not really providing any great insight into how jobs might generally be changed, while also failing to entertain.

Buxton tends to pop in with a joke, which does add an occasional moment of levity in what is an otherwise tedious piece, but it's not good enough to save it. I'd have loved a little more thought put into how most people can't decide to just wander off into their dream job, being very stuck in the existing social structure we've got.

Honestly, I'm not going back to the rest of it.

Score 1

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