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Ed and Lauren Get On

Technically a podcast, but it's a spinoff of BBC Radio, so I'm including it.

This is a production of Radio 1, and my god does it show. Lauren Pattison and Ed Night are relative newcomer standup comedians, and Pattison has recently picked up a Chortle award.

(Night hasn't, and good god does he whine about it, for more or less the entire half hour.)

I don't know how good these two are as standup comedians with a rehearsed set, but here they're riffing in an unscripted manner for half an hour.

They're not very good at it.

Maybe they'd be suitable as DJs on Radio 1 proper, with about forty seconds of chat between songs, but they can't entertain in this waffly manner for thirty minutes straight.

Night is particularly bad, tending to require four goes in order to get halfway through a sentence, and relying more than a bit heavily on profanity. Does feel as if he's feeling a little insecure. There's probably good reason for that, as Pattison is significantly more polished, and tends to do a little better.

It's certainly not worth continuuing to listen to in current form. Maybe if they planned ahead a little better.

Score 1

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