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Cat Cafe

Cat cafes are apparently a rather popular new thing. Since the Girl is more than a bit fond of cats, we thought we'd drop in to one while in Edinburgh.

The premise is simple. You pay a fee to spend about an hour in a couple of rooms with some cats. Food and drink is also available.

I think it's that flat fee that is the slightly weird bit of this. It automatically generates an expectation of entertainment, when cats are famously known for being a bit anti-social. Perhaps it would have been better to simply overcharge for the cakes and drinks.

This cat is playing with nobody.

The next problem is that it also tends to be a bit tricky in terms of ensuring all of the people get access to the cats. If you allow a dozen people into a room and provide ten cats, some of which will spend time hiding, it's going to result in people standing around cat-less.

Maybe should be more of a traditional cafe, with cats just allowed to wander about. No idea if that would work or not.

But in summary, not a particularly interesting way to spend an hour, and a very expensive way to eat some cake.

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