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The Bright Sessions

Ever wondered who superheroes go to talk to when they feel a bit down/depressed/anxious or in love and need a friendly ear? Well in this universe, it happens to be Dr. Bright, the friendly therapist for "atypicals", those who have strange powers.

Among Dr. Bright's collection of misfits is a range of superpowers, including empathy, telepathy, time travel, mind control. There's a few others, but those four are the most common recurring characters.

The series is initially made up of recordings of Bright's therapy sessions, though as it runs on, additional scenarios get picked up.

It's rather slow going at first, being made up of relatively short pieces only involving Bright and one of her clients, revolving rather heavily around their emotional problems. This does get a bit painful at spots, as I'm not terribly excited by teenage romances, but thankfully that's really only one out of four. (Though another is looking likely late in the second season.)

However, having let it creep up on me, I find myself heavily invested. There's a rather significant plot sneaking in the cracks between the therapy sessions, regarding Bright's backstory and the secretive government agency she used to work for. The story is remarkably involved, and has gone in directions I hadn't necessarily expected it to.

Will definitely listen through the rest of it.


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