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This is a science-fiction "lite" drama, in which journalist Lia Haddock investigates the mystery of Limetown, and the disappearance of its 300 strong population ten years ago. Lia has a personal interest in the town, it having been the home of her uncle.

Limetown was set up as a great experiment, with scientists of all hues attempting to progress the human animal through the next great leap of evolution, namely psychic abilities. The city was staffed by scientists doing double duty; pushing back the boundaries of science one day, waiting tables the next, all led by the mythical leader Oscar Totem.

Until the fateful day when everyone vanished overnight, leaving no clue as to their whereabouts. Now Lia has to talk to those they left behind, hoping that someone knows the hidden secret of the town. And it seems someone does, when she finally gets a phone call from a survivor.

The story is told primarily through audio recordings of interviews with the various survivors, and slowly expands over six half hour episodes, with the occasional short interlude.

It has a decent soundscape, with some impressive voice-acting and some neat effects relating to the various environments. It has a couple of "screamy" moments that are a bit overdone, but in the whole it's very listenable.

The mystery is laid out rather nicely, with a decent slow reveal, though there are a couple of infodumps that are a little clumsy. Still, there's another of interest that I'm curious to see where the second series goes. And the characters tend to be very strong.


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