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Rhys James Is...

Oh god. It's someone else who thinks that if they talk fast and rant a bit, it's an alternative to being funny.

To be fair, there are a few jokes in this that hit reasonably well, but there are also many more that either run on too long (yes, your mother is a prostitute, ha ha ha), or just don't exist.

Hell, the biggest laugh of the show comes from his mother, who apparently counts as an interviewed guest. The final speech is vaguely clever, being a partly poetic summary, but runs on too long, and never really gets to the point.

The issue of privilege is currently one that's very much in the public consciousness. And maybe a nuanced view that it has to be considered as part of a person's overall life experience would have been interesting. But instead we get James doing his "my life is so great" bit, and it's honestly just painful. We get it. You're still having to rent. So am I! That's just the world now.

Thankfully, only fifteen minutes. Will not be listening to the rest of the series.

Not recommended.

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