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Shomin Sample: I Was Abducted by an Elite All-Girls School as a Sample Commoner

You know that trope about the poor little rich girl, who doesn't know how the world works, and ends up in all manner of awkward scrapes due to their ignorance? Well, the all-girls Seikain School For The Unbelievably Posh is aware of the problem, and have decided to ensure that its students get a full introduction to the plebs and how things work in the lower classes.

The solution to this problem comes in the form of Kimito, the most average student in the entire country, who they decided to kidnap and forcibly enroll into their classes, so that he can teach them about the less fine things in life. Now, you might be thinking, "a boy introduced into an all-girls as a plot device? You're not trying to make me watch a harem show again are you?"

Only a bit.

Maybe a lot.

See, there's a problem. Kimito has been selected because he is a "sexual deviant", and can only be aroused by the muscles of a well toned man. As such, he is no threat at all to the female students. Or at least that's what his kidnappers think. And since their only other option to protect the girls if he turns out to be straight is castration, he'd better keep pretending to like muscles.

Small boy being intimidated by a range of men with unnecessarily huge muscles.
He's not turned on. Honest.

This actually leads to some of the funniest moments of the anime, where partway through some monologue about the girls he fancies, he manages to talk himself into liking muscles. There's this running joke about the indoctrination actually working. Kimito's internal monologue is probably the best thing about this show, usually lining up rather nicely with what the audience is likely thinking about the events on screen.

Of course, as a pseudo-harem, we need to have a selection of girls, but they luckily don't tend to be as obsessed as they might be elsewhere. We have the extra posh girl (moe), the outsider (yandere), the unnecessarily violent one (tsundere) and the maid (we don't know what she is. Possibly a robot). All of the students have maids, who in true Jeeves fashion are probably running the show. They're also the ones who are most likely to "de-man" Kimito and so tend to be more than a little threatening.

Maid looking as if she's about to murder the viewer.
"When I said I wanted to wake up with a maid, I was imagining less fear."

Anyway, the majority of the show centres around the "Commoner's club" that Aika (best girl) sets up, in order to learn as much as possible and copy the commoner ways. She seems to have this odd idea that if she emulates the commoners, all of her wishes will come true.

Yes, this is obviously used for comic effect in the form of fake "traditions".

Girl dressed in a green leotard, waving around stalks of material.
Apparently, this isn't actually lucky.

But in general, it's much more a show about friends than lovers, and has some impressively honest emotional moments about staying true to oneself and being prepared to talk about things. It also has some unexpectedly well chosen music for certain points, with some almost Hitchcockian orchestral choices. Such as the below. (Note, try to ignore the lewd. That's not at all important.)

Just listen to the music.

(The Girl's mini-review of that clip: "Animation quality is horrendous. Voice acting is jumbled and the pervy bits are very forced. The music is vaguely interesting, but does nothing to propel the series into anything watchable. Horrendous all over. Definitely not recommended.")

Much better than I initially expected.

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