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Rich Hall's US Election Breakdown

Rich Hall did a short series at the end of 2016, covering the US election, in a similar manner to the Vote Now Show. This took the form of a fake live phone-in show, ostensibly recorded on a set in the USA, to allow Americans to ring up and offer their opinions. They were typically Lewis MacLeod.

He's back to offer a retrospective on the first year of Donald Trump's first year in office, aided once again by Nick Doody.

Hall has a very dry style, which does result in some excellent tragicomic moments when you're trying to work out whether to laugh or cry at a report of something Trump has done in the last ten minutes.

Honestly, it's tricky to be objective about this. Trump has so poisoned the comedy well about him, by managing to come out with ludicrous statements so frequently, that I suspect we're all suffering a bit of burnout. You can imagine all the poor writers who had to throw out jokes about nuclear footballs, because the madman is engaging in cyber-bullying with other world leaders. It's so stupid it's hard to make jokes about it.

Still, Hall gives it a good go, and has decent success. Be prepared to be more depressed than entertained though.


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