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Conversations from a Long Marriage
Conversations from a Long Marriage

[UPDATE - 29th December 2018]: This now has a Christmas Special, although whether it can count as a special when it's only the second episode of the entire programme is a slightly tricky question.

Anyway, it's Christmas, and our happily family-free couple are having a quiet one, though a bit more planned than Allam might like. The festive romp under the tree will happen at 3.30, whether he likes it or not, damnit. Essentially more of the same, but that is very much a good thing. These are a fun pair, and they've got a nicely sparkling script. Give it half an hour.

[ORIGINAL - 2nd January 2018]: Anyone remember "Don't Start"? Katherine Parkinson and Frank Skinner as a squabbling couple, who spent 15 minutes exchanging some impressively barbed dialogue about the difficulties inherent to long-term relationships. In fact, they're currently re-airing it. Go have a listen.

Anyway, this is a similar vehicle, but twice the length, about a couple married for rather longer, and featuring Joanna Lumley and Roger Allam instead. It's still a short form scripted conversation piece, with a slightly more gentle tone and an increased focus on age.

I admit it. Half of the appeal of this is Joanna Lumley's and Roger Allam's voices. They do have excellent ones for radio. Anyone who's listened to Cabin Pressure will know Allam's range (excluding all the other stuff he's done), and Lumley's is probably technically legendary at this point. (Bet you didn't even need prompting to hear the word "scrummy".)

However, the script is actually pretty punchy, and would stand up on its own, even without these giants doing it. There are some interesting observations, but mostly it ticks along hitting the comedic notes with a fun back and forth of point scoring. It's a standalone, but could probably bear another few episodes.

A nice half hour with actors who are a draw in themselves giving you a good script. Give it a listen.

Score 5

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