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You may have noted that I like anime. Just in case you hadn't noticed, go look in the archive. Anime gets its own category.

Which meant that this youtube series, taking a rather meta look at anime in the "real world" and the criminals that break the fandom rules had my interest from the minute I became aware of it. Luckily it holds up to the hype I'd built in my own head.

Detective Furaya has been with the anime crimes division in Neo Otaku City for a long time (though he isn't yet one day away from retirement) when he is paired up with the new rookie, Detective Diesal. They fight crime. Some of these crimes are trivial, such as kidnapping, and others are more serious.

Graffiti proscribing 'Subs not dubs'.
And so began global thermonuclear war.

Obviously it's a comedy show. References come thick and fast, and even the biggest nerds (hello!) will likely miss some of them. The anime community in general is given no small ribbing, with particular fandoms given a harder prod. (I especially enjoy the chase scenes.) Any drama it might possess - "Just never let anyone close enough to see it. It's like a metaphor for my heart." - tends to twist silly, even when it gets serious.

Gun with a sticker saying 'This one shoots real bullets'.
Gun safety is important, kids.

Only three episodes thus far, which makes up a relatively short season. Managed to get itself sponsored by Crunchyroll though, which does suggest a little financial power behind it which might get it a second season. Who knows, it might even get to a full 22-ish minutes. In the meantime, it's only an episode and a half for the entire first season, which isn't a bad investment for the return you get. Anime fans should probably watch it.

Highly recommended.

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