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[UPDATE 2 - 24th July 2019]: Interesting, this. Listened to the first episode of this second series, and it feels less funny than I apparently thought the first series was. I think the problem I'm having with it is that while I enjoyed the right up to date references previously, they feel a bit dense in this.

It's trying to hit so many recent cultural touchstones, that it doesn't have the space to build up a decent joke-line. There's a couple of hilarious moments (mostly Chris Grayling), but I went "heh" more often than "ha!"

[UPDATE - 7th June 2018]: Happily, I will now listen to the full series. It's kept its sharpness, while giving us a nice story. Definitely give it a try.

[ORIGINAL - 9th June 2017]: Pilot season continues on Radio 4 with this satirical comedy set in the seedy world of political journalism, following the adventures of Sam, a "reporter" for a Buzzfeed-like website and her quest to get the perfect scoop.

I'm beginning to realise that the BBC still seems to work on the REP system when it comes to their one-off radio comedy, with this show featuring a range of familiar names. It does mean these are all nicely polished, but you do wonder who's being kept out of possible work. (Does it pay well, being a voice on the BBC? I don't think any of this lot were on the shame list earlier in the year.)

Anyway, politics aside, this has some delightful politics in it. We're in the usual world of tired old cynical backbenchers who are mainly interested in being slightly lecherous and just surviving the next by-election. It should feel like a re-treading of old ground, but it's actually impressively sharp regarding current day politics. I can see it operating as a more scripted form of the Now Show.

There's not an unfunny joke in it, and the characters are all very strong. As long as bloody Giles Brandreth doesn't turn up again (him and political shows, gah) I would happily listen to a whole season of it.

Score 5

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