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Cat Quest
Cat Quest

This game involves a little more cat murder than I'm quite happy with. But it's so fun.

Cat Quest-1
Didn't actually kill all of these. Honest.

Effectively, it's an action RPG, in which you play a pussytive role model for other cats in a medieval world, that used to be ruled by the "old masters". Given there's also a Lupus Empire and various suspiciously human looking statues, I think we can assume this is a post-apocalyptic world. Possibly one that used to be dead sexy.

Cat Quest-2
Seems reasonable.

The cats have got a basic medieval society, seemingly based on the mewdal system, which happens to be infested with both general monsters and the more plot-relevant dragons, who are controlled by your nemesis. They've kidnapped your sister, which you're really not very pleased about. It's a cat-astrophe.

The gameplay is reminiscent of things like Secret of Mana, with various upgradeable weapons and armour, which has the side benefit of changing your character model, so you can get silliness like a little Ninja cat. Or a crown that's a bit too big for you. The different costumes have an effect on your stats: health, damage and meowgic. The spells you can cast run the usual spectrum of fantasy powers, including fire, ice, healing and others.

The game can be as challenging as you want it to be, as there's no boundaries that stop you from wandering into areas with enemies too powerful for you. You get hints, such as the occasional signpawst, or the giant skulls attached to the health bars of creatures that you're really going to struggle to kill, but you can take on dungeons that are rated higher than your current level. If you're quick enough, you might even survive them. The quest system (acquired from noticeboards. However do we cope without them in real life?) means that you never feel like you're grinding, as you're always engaged in some ridiculous adventure or another - rescuing hostages, killing wyverns or spying on chefs.

It's also generally a jolly game, being heavy on the jokes and puns, with not a small number of cat-related names. I'd been worried I'd get bored quickly, as the gameplay can feel repetitive, being limited to a rather small range of quest types, but the humorous dialogue has kept me sufficiently entertained that it hasn't mattered.

Cat Quest-3
You see, this is the "Pause" Menu, but they've rather cleverly called it the "Paws" Menu. The joke is that the word "Paws" is a homophone of the word "Pause", so you can read out the word "Paws" (which is a part of a cat. The feet part) and hear the word "Pause" in your head. It's "humour".

Worth a run at if you're looking for an action RPG with a lot of cats in clothes in it.


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