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Hyper Japan
Hyper Japan

My first one of these, which for some reason I decided to attend in cosplay. Fair warning, don't tell people you're Zelda when dressed as Link. They really don't get the joke.

Anyway, awkward social interactions aside, this was relatively fun. There was a decent collection of stalls, not as many artists as I might like, but the ones that were present had some nice twists on common themes. Unfortunately, I'm not necessarily the target audience for this, my interest in Japan extending only as far as the anime I review occasionally, but the Girl was delighted.

Hyper Japan-2
Tiny trees are tiny

Particular things of interest were the Bonsai society, with some very impressive samples and the Nintendo area. I really must look at picking up a Switch at some point. We got there early, which definitely helped, as it got less pleasant as more crowds turned up. Eventually you're fighting past people to queue up for a half hour for food. There is a rather painful feeling when you look at food prices in captive audience areas. Take a packed lunch (the next time it's on. Bit late now.) As long as you're prepared to accept the pain though, there's a good range of food. Very nice desserts and the omnipresent "bubble tea". What the frak is bubble tea?

Hyper Japan-1
These two were fighting over the last packet of Pocky

No particular interest in the various bands, but did listen to the talk given by Takashi Kondo. He was rather interesting, but was let down somewhat by his translators, who didn't do a particularly good job of getting his words across.

Hyper Japan-3
That Venusaur looks really angry

Decent set of fans, in an impressive collection of cosplay. Really quite a lot of "Rem"s this year, which does rather give away just how popular Re:Zero was. Too many people to list, and a lot I didn't recognise. There's a hell of a lot of characters out there.

Hyper Japan-4
Seventh Rem of the day

It was an interesting day. May well pop along to the next one.


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