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Off Rock
Kieran Shea - Off Rock

This book should be amazing. It contains an intergalactic corporate war, deep space mining and a practically traditional heist plot. Jimmy, our deep space miner, is finishing up some deep space mine decommisioning and finds a large deposit of gold, missed by the previous digs, and thinks "ah-ha! Deep space mine now!"

So begins his attempt to smuggle his booty "off rock" and back to earth, contending with crime syndicate assassins, shifty comrades and a grumpy ex-girlfriend. Not a bad set of characters to build a plot around.

But apparently it bored me. Took me about two weeks to read, as I either started and stopped after ten minutes, or just couldn't convince myself to pick it up. In the end I had to just force myself to plough through it. Not likely to pick up anything else by the author after this.

Not recommended.

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