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Austentatious Radio Show

[UPDATE - 11th January 2021]: Good lord, had to dig up an old post here for this one. I assume they were putting these on in proper theatres until 2020, but haven't been on the radio since then. Luckily more of the same here, as the improv troupe perform their adaptation of another of the 795 lost Jane Austen novels. All about the properties of a good woman - "does she have gravel?" and the best way to convince someone that you're free to marry (summon their dead spouse to confirm your alibi).

As entertaining as last time, with plenty of innuendo, a good couple of belly laughs, and the delightful Barnaby Sykes, whose primary character trait appears to be the ability to remember his own name. Some weakness in the form this time round, with a few of the shorter scenes falling a bit flat, but it's very much "wait a minute, a better punchline will be along immediately". Still worth a listen.

[ORIGINAL - 19th June 2017]: Austentatious is a comedy troupe/show which improvises a "lost" Jane Austen novel from audience suggestions. Obvious comparisons are with The Masterson Inheritance and Showstoppers (just without the singing).

Having never actually read any Austen, I can't judge how accurate they are to the style, the content, the period or the language. So I'm going to assume that they're spot on, and original Austen novels are full of sexual innuendo and childrens' playgrounds. I should probably read one.

The Masterson Inheritance is an excellent comparison, as this is joyfully filthy and full of the same rude humour and ridiculous situations, while still managing to maintain a semblance of plot that progresses nicely and wraps up to a tight finish.

I found myself laughing in the street like a maniac while listening to this, and I suggest you do the same.

Guest review by Mary of the books, so I can pretend to be literary:

"I like Persuasion best. Mansfield Park is a bit incestuous. Pride and Prejudice is good but over exposed. The heroine of Emaa is (deliberately, I think) annoying. Sense and Sensibility is alright. Northanger Abbey is also alright."

Score 4

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