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Austentatious Radio Show

Austentatious is a comedy troupe/show which improvises a "lost" Jane Austen novel from audience suggestions. Obvious comparisons are with The Masterson Inheritance and Showstoppers (just without the singing).


Having never actually read any Austen, I can't judge how accurate they are to the style, the content, the period or the language. So I'm going to assume that they're spot on, and original Austen novels are full of sexual innuendo and childrens' playgrounds. I should probably read one.

The Masterson Inheritance is an excellent comparison, as this is joyfully filthy and full of the same rude humour and ridiculous situations, while still managing to maintain a semblance of plot that progresses nicely and wraps up to a tight finish.

I found myself laughing in the street like a maniac while listening to this, and I suggest you do the same.

Guest review by Mary of the books, so I can pretend to be literary:

"I like Persuasion best. Mansfield Park is a bit incestuous. Pride and Prejudice is good but over exposed. The heroine of Emaa is (deliberately, I think) annoying. Sense and Sensibility is alright. Northanger Abbey is also alright."

Highly recommended.

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