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Tokyo 42
Tokyo 42

Either I am impressively rubbish at games, or this game is horrible. The control system is incredibly painful, with kludgy camera controls (which I know everyone has moaned about, but it really deserves saying again) that do not make all the stealthing and fighting you are trying to do easy. Not only is the camera bad, but playing this with a controller (on the PC) is a disaster. I had fourteen goes at the first fight you get into before rage quitting. I finally came back with a keyboard and mouse and cracked it in two attempts. That's not me being bad, that's a control problem.

Tokyo 42-1
Me falling to my death for the fourth time in as many minutes

The stealth is also not aided by the camera, as it can prove very difficult to determine exactly whether you're in katana range or not. This means a stealth mission turns into a firefight almost immediately. And weirdly, these don't appear to actually be much fun. It's essentially a mini version of GTA or Saints Row, but without the polish or interesting characterisation. The spree aspect of those games is present here, but it's not really enjoyable.

Tokyo 42-2
Huh. Apparently if you kill people, the police turn up. Go figure.

There's a range of weapons and a range of missions, but they get boring quickly. The environment and scenery are interesting, but it feels like flashy styling that's trying to play on nostalgia for things like Nitrome. I got tired of it very quickly. It's beautiful, but it is constantly in the way of someone I'm trying to shoot or run away from.

Tokyo 42-3
Be vewy vewy quiet. I'm hunting assassins

Honestly, I'd say skip it.

Not recommended.

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