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Age of Decadence
Age of Decadence

Honestly, you could call this "Min-Max: The Game". It is not easy. Unless you build a specialised enough character, and decide whether you're going to go talky or fighty or sciencey pretty much from the off. That does give it a fair bit of replay value. It's not a massive game. Think of it as something best explored a few different ways to discover all that's going on.

And there's quite a lot. It's a medieval era world with a fair number of factions, each of whom have their own schemes for empire building. You'll have to choose who to support and who to betray. Again, it's quite good fun trying different routes on different play throughs.

There's a lot of dialogue to this, so it partly plays a little like a choose your own adventure. Don't expect glorious battles with dragons or monsters. They'd slaughter you in this world. The writing is pretty good, though, and certainly kept my interest through a couple of replays.


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