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Press - Audio Drama Crowdfunding

A quick page to collect audio drama crowdfunders. Let me know via the Contact Page if you've got one to add.

January 23: Beatles Audio Drama Series
Imagine if you could go back in time to the very beginning of the group's history, in a way which feels like you’re actually there. I am creating an audio drama that allows you to do just that:

February 5:The Alluring Tales of the Royal Owls
An Audio Drama Action and Horror podcast set in a Dungeons and Dragons Homebrewed world with engaging story, action, and scares!

February 6: Neon Shadows A Noir Tale
n Neon Shadows we join private investigator Frank Dixon in this thrilling noir drama podcast as he solves mysteries uncovering a darker side to a city in turmoil. We mix the themes of hardboiled detective work and sprinkle in some fantasy elements.