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2021 Audio Verse Awards New Eligible Shows

Shows are eligible for the "new" category of the 2021 Audio Verse Awards, if they started between 1st October 2020, and 30th September 2021. Here is the big list of all of them (1150 thus far - I might update it at some point).

And here is an OPML of all the new shows. (I take no blame if this breaks your podcatcher.)

"Am I Old Yet?" A comedy about ageing with dignity and joy
"Saint" Nick and the Big F*ck Up
$2 Creature Feature
(A) Cry in the Moon's Light Podcast
007: Something Evil Comes This Way
12 Crowns: A D&D Podcast
13 Days of Halloween
13 Reflections
2 Die Four
20,000 Leagues Into Madness
5 Torches Deep Actual Play
A Bad Feeling Horror Podcast
A City Sidewalk Christmas
A Critically Accursed Podcast
A Game Called Quest
A Garden of Terrible Blooms
A Ghost of Christmas Past
A Giant Leap
A Hero Walks into a Bar
A Knight of Shreds and Patches
A Midsummer's Quarantine
A Night in the Basement
A Purdy Good Story with Corbin Eaton
A Travelers Documents
Abbey Orchard Street Audio Drama
Absolutely No Adventures
Adequately Advanced Magic
Admit It
Adventure Check Podcast
Adventure On, Everyone!
Adventurers Anonymous
Adventures in Time and Gender
Adventures of Scarlett Hood
Adventuring for Dummies
After Impact
After the Apocalypse
After the End
After the Revolution
After the Virus - a Surviralist's Journal
Age of Confusion
Age of Valor: Heritage
Agency Inc.
Agents: Declassified
Agonal Dreams Podcast
Alfhild: Maiden of the Sea
All The Way Down
All The Wrong Magic
Almost Home
Alta Fabulae
Amazing Tales of the Atlantic
Amelia and the Beast of the Tomb World Part 1 & 2
America After Midnight
Animam Agere
Anthology Zone Podcast
Anton Pavlovich's Garden Club
Applied Materials
Aqua Net & Funyuns
Aquinas College Theatre
Arcadia, CA
As the Curtain Rises
As the Dice Roll
Ash and Blue: Urban Fantasy Series
Ashes of Athas
Asian Nightmares
Astoria Bout Melville
At The Tone
Atlantic: A Scottish Story
Atomic Bombshell
Audio Anthology
Audio Art
Aurora Everlasting
Avistrum Academy of Sorcery
Awfully Queer Heroes
Babble & Froth
Bad Vibes
Bard Rock Cafe
Battle of the Bald
Bayshar Blues
BCD Presents: No Small Parts
Beacon Station
Beatrix Greene
Beneath The Copper Dunes
Beneath the Waves
Between Acts
Beyond the Belt: Adventures from the Outer Rim
Beyond the Story - Wonderful
Beyond the Tone
Beyond the Veil
Birds Of Prey: Outcry
Bite-Sized Broadway: A Mini-Musical Podcast
Black Alley
Black Armada Tongues
Black Revolutionary Media
Blackbirds: Volume 1
Blank City, Nowhere
Blast into Adventure!
Bleeders DIEgest
Blight Christmas: A Horror Holiday Together
Blinding Innocents
Blis-ta by Sonya Hale
Blood of the Summoned
Bloody Bay
Blossom Smile Sky Studios
Blueberries Hill
Bobbo Supreme
Bobby Wonder
Brakish and Haplo's Fictional Reality
Breathing Space, Fading Frontier
Bring Your Own Mech
Broken Apocalpyse Podcast
Brooklyn Santa
Broth Bitch
Bullet Catcher
By Gods and Kings
Calls From A Friend
Camp Here & There
Cashmere and Friends
Cassandra's Tales and Truths
Cast Party: A Dungeons & Dragons Podcast
CCYT's Audio Drama Podcast
Central Project
Channel Stupidity
Chaotic Idiots
Chaotic Normal
Charlie Cradle's Wonderful Existence
Chavman Chronicles
Check D's Out
Children of the Stones
Children's Stories for Bedtime. 3/8yrs.
Chillingly Bizarre
Chocolate & Joy
Christmas Steve
Chronicles Unleashed
City in Snow - A D&D Podcast
City of Rancho Naranja
Claus: The Series
Closing the Book: A Timefold Story
Cobbler's Gulch
Cold Case Crime Cuts
Cold Storage
Coma Girl
Comedy Whodunnits - for your ears
Community Cat News
Compelled Dual
Could've Been Heroes
COVEN: An Actual-Play Podcast
Cow Creek
Coyote's Bluff
Crap Noir
Create Your Own Podventure
Crime Scene Arcanum
Crit Hit and Save: A Dungeons and Dragons Podcast
Crit Nasty
Crit Out Of Luck: The Last Song of Arcadia
Crit! Like a Girl
Critical Successors
Crossroads Cantina
Crown Jewels
Crypt I.D.
Culture My Arts
Cupid's Arrow
Cupid's Crossing
Curse of Civilization
Curtain Call - A Podcast by No Drama Theatre
Cyberpunk: Tales from the Oasis
Daedalus Compound
Daemonologie: The Devil's Parlour Game
Daimons of Aphid City
Daisy Unchained
Dark Air with Terry Carnation
Dark Crevice
Dark Destinations
Dark Heights
Dark Tides
Dark Traveller
Dark Valley
Darkened Hallways
Day Dream: A Radio Drama
Dead Air
Dead Eyes and Moonlit Skies
Dead North
Dead of the Night
Deadline: How to Save Your Soul in 30 Days
Dear Bastard!
Dear Liisphyra
Death Valley Gifts & Souvenirs
Deck of Many Aces
Deep Shadows
Deep State Dossier
DeltaWolves - A Dystopian/Sci-Fi Audio Movie
Dem Times
Devils, Elves and Dice
Dial M for Magic
Dice Carnival
Dice Chronicles
Dice With Death
Dicey Encounters
Dick Meteor
Digital Radio Series
Dinosaur Hunter
Dirty Detectives
Disciples of the Eight
Dish Duty Dramas and Chicken Coop Comedies
DNA 404
Do Dragons Dream Of Scorched Sheep? - A Dungeons & Dragons Podcast
Doctor Who Journey Into Time
Doom Clock: A Shiver Actual Play
Dr Price's Horror Compendium
Dracula: A Radio Play
Dragon - A Histories of Purga Novel
Dread of Night Radio Theatre
Dream Breachers
Drew Carson Writes
Dry Land
DTV Audio Dramas
DUADS' The Three Musketeers
Dungeon & Babbins: Adventurer's League
Dungeon Delving Delinquents
Dungeons & Damsels
Dungeons & Derek
Dungeons & Dive Bars
Dungeons Beyond Dice
Dungeons, Dragons and Date Nights
Dwarven Moss
Earth Eclipsed
Earwig: Sonic Theatre Podcasts
Echoed Locations
Eclipse: A Dungeons and Dragons Podcast
Eden 2
Edge of the World
Eerie Earth
Eldritch Cast
Electric Easy
Elevator Pitch
Ella Oleander Mysteries
Emergency Power Podcast
Epic Blunders RPGcast
Erai's Destiny - Audio Drama
Errant Adventures
Erratically Epic: The Musical - The Radio Play of the Musical of the Book!
Escape Room
Escape! The Podcast
Escaping Denver
Ethereal Embrace
Evergreen - A new fantasy audio serial
Every Year on My Half Birthday
Everyone's Gone To Rapture
Everything's A Mimic!
Excuse the Jess
Fading Kingdoms
Fairies and Dragons, Ponies and Knights
Fairview Heights
Fall of the Hero
Falling Birds
Falling in Love with Mr. Dellamort
Fantastical Escape - A D&D Podcast
Far Beyond the Stars
Far From Heaven: A Fallout 76 Story
Fast Radio Burst!
Fate and Fauxtune
Fear Noir
Fear of a Blak Planet
Fetid Souls
Fey Hollow: The Fairy Tale Murders
Fiction Crime Time
Finding Satan
Fireteam Wildcats
First Action Bureau
First Street
Five Years From Now
Flame in the Night
For Blood Or Justice
For The Record
Foreward Podcast
Forgotten Road
Fox and Glove
Fractured - a family, a nation, a dream ....
Francis Forever
From An Island
From Beyond the Broadcast
From Now
From Sad Shires
From Timber Falls, With Love: A Romance Fiction Podcast
Full Circle
Fulmar's Folly
Game Knight Heroes
Gather The Suspects
Gays of the Round Podcast
Generally Unappealing Regular People Streaming
Genesius Guild Radio Production
Getting Our Crit Together
Ghost Light Dice
Ghost of Me
Ghost Tape
Ghost Town Killer
GiggleMurder Mysteries
Girls On Jane
Give Me Away
God of Obsidian
God Talks To An Agnostic
Goddess: An Audio Drama
Gods & Lies
Gold Pictures
Good Morning from Radio6
Good Neighbors
Goodnight Spaceman
Gospels of the Flood
Grandma Rambo
Grasses of a Thousand Colors
GREENFIELD - A Kids Story Podcast
Grey Matters Podcast
Grim Vision
Grimm Madness Podcast
Grimoire Nights
Grimwell County
Guilded Rose Adventure
Half Hour Audio Hour
Halfmoon Chronicles
Halloween in Hell
Hamlet: A Modern Retelling
Hammer of the Gods
Hashtag Twist It
Haunted House Flippers
Hauntingly Humdrum
He Who Forsakes the Crown
Heads Must Roll
Hear/Now: A Season of Audio Theater
Hearing the Haunted
Heavens Well
Heinous Investigations
Helen of the Iron Horse
Hell Gate City Companion
Hell, California: An Anthology Crime Show
Hello from the Hallowoods
Here Comes the Break
Heroes Gambit
Heroes of Verilia
Hi Nay
History is about to misbehave
HITCHCOCKED! An Audio Serial
Hold for Sound
hold me the forgotten way: a micromonologue cycle
Holy Sh!t
Home of the Braves
Homeless Garden
Homeward Podcast
Horizon's Point: (Allegedly) a D&D Podcast
Horror Lab Aural
Horror On Main
Horror Shop Radio
House Rolls
Houses on the Moon
How Do You Sleep at Night?
How to Fall in Love the Hard Way
Hubris: A 24-Hour Podcast Project
I Cast Fireball
I Found A Wormhole
I Have Seen Niagara
I Love Lucifer The Podcast
I Love Marsha
I Rolled a One
Id, Ego and Dice
Idaho Street Workshop -- New Audio Drama --
If Anyone Should Find This
If It Scares You
Ignite Climate Shorts
ill omens and bad tidings
Illuminati Interns
Imagine Air Theater
In A Wild Land
In Absentia
In Strange Woods
In Transit
Incarnation Read
Incident Report Number 31
Infernum County
Inklings Podcast
InSaNe RaMbLiNgS - Diary of a Madman
Interface, Audio Chapters
Into the Archives with Peter Fleming
Into The Depths
Iowa Chapman and The Last Dog
Irish Stories
Iron Frontier Podcast
Island Demeter
ISS Icarus
It Came From the Parking Lot
It's Always Christmas... Except Sometimes
Jack and Lou: A Gangster Love Story
Jayden Jones: Private Eye
Jim and Jan
JK, We're Rolling!
JMS Voices
Joan Kendrick and the Realms of Lahr
JR Fable Presents
June's Journey: The Lost Diaries
Jungles And Dragons: D&D With Monkeys
Just Roll With It AP
Just to Be Nominated: An Award Season Murder Mystery
Kari's Missing Hope
Kate's Bunker
Keepers of Alteria
Khôra Podcast
kilburn (not london) by Simon Marshall
Kisses in the Dark
Kitchen Table Adventures: A Pathfinder 2e Campaign
Knights of Degradation
Knights Of The Bantam
La Familia Vida Dulce: Sweet Life Family
Land Skeins
Late to the Theater - Virago
Lavender Evening Fog: A Fiction Podcast
Leaves Are Falling Fast Podcast Channel
Legitimately Mallie!
Lem 'N' Ginge: The Princess of Kakos
Let's Break History
Letters from Arkham
Letters I'll Never Send
Letters to Georgia
Letters to Humanity
Life Camera Action with Dean Donny Jnr and Bron.
Life On Pause
Life With LEO(h)
Lifeline On The Air
Lisa Upside Down
Little Boots - A four part audio drama
Little Montgomery
Little Stories Everywhere
Little Town of Rainbow
Live from Mount Olympus
Live from the Darkness
Live, Laugh, Lovecraft
Look Up
Lore of the Loch
Lorehall Library
Losing The Plot
Lost Shaman
Lost Souls Monologues
Love Before Covid
Low Armor Cast
Low Life
Lucy Wow
Mabinogi: Lost Legends and Dark Magic
Madison On The Air
Magic Island Storytelling Theatre
Magic Locker
Make It Up As We Go
Maker's Misfits
Manchester Avenue
Man-skirts & Millennials
Margaret's Garden
Marsh Lights
Marvel's Wastelanders: Old Man Star-Lord
Mattress Garden: 01-WMaxwell-00000
Mayday Plays
M-Cell: Madness and Misinformation
Me, Sadie, and the Mixed-Up Time Machine
Medding with Monsters
Memester of the Week
Memory Lane
Micro-Cosmos: A Science Fiction Podcast
Middle East Centre Stage
Middle Third
Midlife Wizards
Midnight Burger
Mindflayed Mondays
MindFrame Podcast
Mindstream Players
Missing Annie Lee
Mission of the Lunar Sparrow
Missives from a New Ghost Town
Mistletoe Road
Modus Operandi: Flash Fiction
Monsters of Fantasy
Monstrous Agonies
Morbid Forest
More Than Just Spots - Audio Drama 2021
More Than Roses
Move Away
Movies For Your Mind
Mr. Katz and the 21
Murder At Action Lanes
Murray Mysteries
My Dog Put Cyanide in My Cereal
My Eulogies Please
My Parallel Life
My Spear Weighs Heavy in My Hand
My World Is Gone
Mysterious Journey
Mystery County Monster Hunters Club
Nastygram: An RPG Podcast
Nat Wonderful
NCMS Presents A Sherlock Holmes Radio Mystery
NCRP Productions
Negative Modifier
Nerv Pod
Never Fear
Next On The Initiative
Night Crew Podcast
Night Dream Podcast
Night Faces
No Initiative
No Latency
No Other Way
North to South - North to South
Notes from the Field Desk
Novafleet 86
Novice Kidnappers
Nunwood Tales
Occult Cold Case: The Moon Child Murders
October Jones & Fish with Legs
of Black Glass
Of Fae and Fiends
Of Wood & Wire
Oh These, Those Stars of Space!
On The Street Where We Live
One From the Vaults
One Hundred Words
One Million Years PC
One Shots: D&D Character Podcast
Open the Box, Carson
Operation Eos
Operation Insomnia
Ophiuchus Radio
Opuses of J'Decca
Order of the D20
Orphan Black: The Next Chapter
Otzi The Iceman Must Die
Our Ghost Stories
Out of Place
Out of the Shadows| A Fallout Mistress of Mystery podcast
Out Of The Woods: New Plays from the Balkans
OUTBOUND - A Marketing Sci-Fi Podcast
Outlaws and Old Ones
Overheard by the Woodhouse Players
Oxford Theatre Guild
Party of 2 RPG Podcast
Patient 33
Pat's Podcasket
Payton Players Presents Star Wars: The Radio Drama
Peculiar Adventures
Peculiar Turnips
Peter Pan
Peter Vickland Fiction
Phantom Limb
Phonic Phoenix
Pipe Dream Theatre
Pit of the West
PL Radio
Planet Arcana
Planet Radiant
Playing with Madness
Pocket Fiction Podcast
Pod Against the Machine
Pod of Wonders
Pods of the Multiverse
Pride and Prejudice
Primary Attribute
Primordial Deep
Princess Theatre Podcasts
Principia Prepostera
Private Affairs
Proficiency + 6
Project ARI
Project Gnosis
Project Mercury
Public Works Steampunk presents: Jane Eyre
Purgatory the Drama Podcast
Putney Theatre Company
Putting the Pieces Together
QR Audio Theatre
Quantum Dungeon
Quantum Kickflip
Quarantine Tales With Arnab
Queens of the Sapphire Sea
Quest Friends 4ever
Quest: The Soaring City
Quiet Please (2020)
Quimera: Horror Fiction & Poetry
R.L. Stine's Story Club
Radio Check Podcast
Radio Living America
RADIO: Outcast
Rapture 518
Ravens Roost Radio
Ray Can't Sleep
Rebel Robin: Surviving Hawkins
Red Nights
Red on Yellow
Redgate and Wolf
Residents of Proserpina Park
Retribution: A Mini Series
Reverie's Curse
Rialto Podcast
Richard Wade U.S. Marshal
Rift 6 Beta
Ritualistic Podcast
River Walk Tales of Terror
Riverside City Podcast - a D&D 5e Podcast
Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies!
Rogue Runners
Role Reroll
Roleplaying and Rollplaying
RolePlaying Grenade
Roll for Blank
Roll For Romance
Roll Seekers
Roll To Meddle: A Brindlewood Bay Actual Play Podcast
Roll Together
Rolling Through the Realms
Rolling With Rainbows
Romeo y Julieta
Royally Yours
RPG: Realms of Peril & Glory
Running Sentences
Russell Gets Revenge
Russian Trolls
S!de Quest: Original Tabletop Adventures
Sacred Guardians
Salem's Ghosts
Samantha Grierson Media Productions
Santa's Cat
Scary Stories &Screenplays
Script Out Loud
Script Sirens Presents: Siren Screams
Sea Stories and Science Fiction
Searching For Putty Man
Second Shot City
Second Star to the Left
Second Star to the Right
Secrets of Harridge House
Seriously Serial Fiction
Seven of Hearts
Severed Fate: A Dimension Door Podcast
Shade Force
Shadows and Daylight
Shakin' up Shakespeare!
Shipwreck: A History Play about 2017
Short Plays for Short Journeys
Short Stories for Kids: The Magic Factory of Story Telling
Short Stories Made for You
Short Story Hunters
Sierra Oscar Echo
Silent Run
Silverbell Smith and the Music Makers
Six Things God Hates
Small Town Absurd
Soap Opera: All Around The Square
Soft Voice
Solar Postal Services
Solitudinous Soliloquies
Somebody Knows
Someone Dies In This Elevator
Something Strange Is Happening
Songs From The Moon: A Sci-Fi Musical Podcast
Sorority House Podcast
Space Base Mars
Space Fuckers
Space Ranger 421
Spanner and Spoon
Speak of the Devil
Spider King
Spirit Box Radio
Split Valley
Spoken Signal Audio Drama
Spooky FM
Sporadic Phantoms
SPR - Superhuman Public Radio
Stabby Time Adventure Buddies
Stage & Screen
Stage of Fools
Staggars & Jags
Standard Aerei
Star Dust
Star Trek: Voyager Season 8
Starforged: Tabula Rasa
Stars Are Right
Stories for Monsters
Stories from the Hearth
Story Discovery Podcast
Story of the Game
Story Space
Story Submarine
Strangers in Paradise
Strawberry Spring
Streams & Variations
Stringer Games
Stuck – a comedy of life's ups and downs.
STUFF, a radio play by Mrinalini Kamath
Sub-Class Act
Sunken Dream
Sunset Tales
Surreal Love
Survivors' Station
Sword & Sound
T Bone Stone The Discount Detective
Tabletop Gold
Tabletop Tiddies
Tabletop Vagabonds
TAKEN--A Metaphysical Fantasy Audio Drama
Tales for the Non-Arcane
Tales from Sable Rock Forest
Tales From the Other Green Door
Tales from the Stinky Dragon
Tales from the Tombstone Tavern
Tales From Your Mom's Basement
Tales Of Beatus Fatum
Tales of Sada Emedu
Tales of Stattendor
Tales of the Echowood
Tales of the Queen City – Ankle Monitor Productions
Tampon Rock
Tapes From Beyond
TastyDoom Podcast
Tattered Tales
Taverns, Travel & Tests
Team B: A War Robots Story
Tess and the Pest
the (musical) Memoirs of a Murder
The 4th Tower
The 'A Monkey With Cymbals' Podcast
The AARPG Podcast
The Abduct Ted Podcast
The Adventures Of Don Clark
The Adventures of the Forget Me Nots
The Agency
The Agitators: The Story of Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass
The All Night Society
The Amateur Hour
The Apocrypha Chronicles
The Arc of Joan
The Arkoma Chapters
The Arts of Murder
The Attic Monologues
The Auditors
The Avalon Journals
The Ballad of Anne & Mary
The Bandit Fiction Podcast
The Battersea Poltergeist
The Bellow of Brittle Stars
The Beyond Journal
The Big Dick Investigation
The Bite
The Book of Constellations
The Book of Skadi
The Bright Lights of Denver
The Bureau of Lost Things
The Bystanders
The Call
The Canadian Play Thing
The Candyman
The Cellar Letters
The Chilling Anthologies of Theatre Foolscap
The Chronicles of Stiripos
The Chronicles of Wild Hollow
The Cipher
The City in the City in the City
The Common Tongue Magazine
The Conundrum of Cora Bay
The Courtship of Mona Mae
The Creature Podcast
The Crit Cast Podcast
The Darkness Between Us
The Day Everything Changed
The Dead Letter Office of Somewhere, Ohio
The Deimos Paradox
The Demonic Tapes
The Den II Bounty Hunter
The Designated Mourner
The Devil's Darning Needle
The Diary Of Aliza Schultz
The Dice Bar Gaming Podcast - A actual play Pathfinder ttrpg
The Dracula Enquiry
The Dragon's Mark
The Dread Familiar
The Dungeon Chronicles
The Earth Moves
The Easter Hare
The Elder Brain Podcast
The Eldritch Hour
The Elmwood Strain
The Endless Elsewhere Podcast
The Endless Ocean
The Espionage Project Podcast
The Evergreen Murders: A Mackenzie Monroe Christmas Mystery
The Fable-Land
The Fabricating Fiction Podcast
The Fairy-Tale Mysteries Radio Show
The Family Dragon Slayer
The Far from the Tree Broadcast
The Fated Arrow
The Fictional Crime Drama Podcast
The Final Clue
The Flame - A Podcast Musical
The Flock
The Floor is Monsters
The Forgiven
The Four Woods
The Friar
The funnybelgianpressconferences's Podcast
The Gaia Miracles
The General Adventuring Company
The Gloom
The Gotobed Diaries
The Graveyard Tapes
The Gravy Vat Killer
The Grown Up Adventures of the Tooth Fairy
The Hades Project
The Hammer Lane
The Hand of Brass
The Handmaid's Tale
The Hauntings of Elgin Barrett
The Heap
The HeatWalker Radio Hour
The Hidden Gate
The Hired Swords
The History Singer
The Hollow
The Homos of Harmony Haven
The Hunt
The Hunt for The Flying Dutchman
The Imperfection
The Infinite Realm
The Inn at Five Ways
The Inn at the Edge of Greenwood
The Iron Heel
The Isolation Chamber
The Junket Podcast
The Kaleidoscope Project
The Kleio Files
The Last Voice
The Lavender Tavern
The Legacy Saga
The Legendary Handbook
The Liege Dossier
The Listening Inch
The Living Fears
The Lockdown Theatre Company
The Loft
The Lost City Prince
The Lower Bottoms
The Lucid Podcast
The Lydia Landing Lads
The Man in the Brown Suit
The Martian Broadcast
The Masks We Wear
The Masque of the Red Death
The Midnight Theatre on the Air
The Minister of Chance
The Miseducation of John Mark
The MODUS Files - A Fallout 76 Enclave Podcast Series
The Moirai Project
The Mysteries of Corkuparipple Creek
The Neighbourhood Watch
The New Normal RPG
The News Room Podcast
The Night Cleaner's Tales
The Night Post
The No-Fame Podcast
The NoNap Podcast
The Non-Canonical Chronicles
The On and Off Theatre Workshop
The Outside Tapes
The Owl Preservation Society
The Oyster
The Pale
The Paracelsus Effect
The Parting of the Shoe
The Peculiar: Odd Tales for Odd People
The Petrol Station
The Pilbara Killings
The Piper
The Quest Coast
The Ravages: A Love Story
The Realm Tree
The Red Of Night
The REDACTED Reports
The Reignition Theory
The reimagining of Runeterra - a D&D 5E Story
The Resistible Rise of J. R. Brinkley
The Rez
The Rift
The Rivers of Elfland
The Rollers Guild DnD
The Sannova Project
The Santa Chords Present: Ex-mas Stockings
The Scriptcast
The Sentinel Creatives Podcast
The Shadow Diaries
The Show Must Go On: A Musical Mystery at Sea
The Shower Principle: A New Parenting Podcast Play
The Siege of New Hampshire
The Silt Verses
The Sink: A Sleep Aid
The Sins and Secrets of Tabard Lake
The Sisters Dukhov - An Audio Drama
The Smokers
The Sonic Corridor
The Splintered Chair
The Star Jelly Files
The Stay At Home Order presents: High Fantasy
The Stench of Adventure
The Stonesinger Chronicles
The Stove Network
The Strange and Astounding Memoirs of Watt O'Hugh the Third
The Strata
The Strings of Fate Podcast
The Stygian Chronicles
The Sulphuric Secrets
The Swashbuckling Ladies Debate Society
The Terrible Misadventures of Trixie and Gorgon
The Third Gallon Podcast
The Third Horde: Disciples of the Clockwork Mage
The Town Whispers
The Trial of Memory Fairchild
The Triangle
The Triangle Factory Fire Project
The True RPG Podcast
The Ulysses Chronicle
The Unmaking of Monsters
The Wanderer
The Washies
The Watchful Eye
The Way We Haunt Now
The Waystation
The Web of Truth
The Weird
The Williams Project
The Witch in the Woods
The Wizard of Bombs
The Woes of Whitby
The Word Potions Podcast
The World to Come
The Xanathar
The Zip Code Plays
The_Library: An Anthology Series
Theater of Delights
Theatre of the Mind
This Gun in My Hand
This is Rage
This Is Where We Go
Three for the Road – a comedy drama
Three River Pass
Thrilling Stories
Through The Black Door
Tied In Knots
Tiger Style! An Audio Play
To Starlight We Come
Tomes of the Chaos Bard: A Family Friendly, Fantasy Focused, Dungeons and Dragons 5E Actual Play Podcast
Tomorrow's Monsters
Town of Little Sagas
Transmission: Unknown
Transplanar RPG
Tremorphonic - The Sounds of Fear
Trial and Error
Trials of the Apocalypse
Triple J Gaming TTRPGS
Trish of the Day
True Love
Truth Hounds
Tucson By Night
Tucson Heat
Twelve Days in June
Twenty Forty
U.C.S. (United Caucasian States)
UC- San Diego Theatre and Dance Presents:
Uncle Bob's Campfire
Unprepared Casters
Until the Day: The Birth of the Messiah
untitled [redacted]
Untold Virginia
Utopia Zero
Vacant Arcadia (A Podcast Musical)
Venom & Vulnerability
Venus Radio Theater
Vermont Ave.
Vile Trials
VO Rep
Voices from the Umbra
Voltage: The Audio Drama
Wake Of Corrosion
Wakefield Journals
Walzon Prime
Wandering with the Dead
War and Piece
Wardcliff Academy
Wausau Community Theatre Podcast
Wayward Guide for the Untrained Eye
WBS Newsreel
We Don't Belong Here
We Know None
We Step Outside and Start to Dance
We Survive
We Will NOT Play DnD
Wednesday Morning
We're Not Meant to Know
Wet Sock on a Sore Foot: An Audio Play
What Comes Next, or Meet the Dunnes
What Happens In Ulster
What the Dice!?
What We Do in the Basement
When the Night Comes Out
Where the Stars Fell
White Cobra - audio drama
Who is Cam Candor?
Who Killed Donald T. Johnson?
Who Needs Heroes, Aria Moon?
Who's In The Van... A Crootcast
Will of the Dice - A Dungeons and Dragons Podcast
Will Save The Podcast
Winter's Tale
With Love, Victoria
With Their Forces Combined
Witness the Critness
Words on Play
Worst Movies Ever Played
Worthit Stories
Wreckage: an RPG Podcast
Y2K Redux
You Can't Get There From Here
Young Santa Claus and the Winter Solstice
Youngblood Monday Lunch
Zed 1
Ziglet's Zany Murder Mania
Zodiac Task Force