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2018 Audio Verse Awards Listening List

If you want to use the Audio Verse Awards as a source of things to listen to, you might like this simple list of all of the podcasts nominated for the awards in alphabetical order.


Alice Isn't Dead

Aqua Marianas



Bone in the Blue


Champions of the Earth

Cyberspace Neo: Exodus

Dias Digitais: Ca├ža aos Hackers

Dining in the Void

dwm presents Unwritten

Enter the Dark

EOS 10

Girl In Space

Greater Boston

H. G. Wells Has His Regrets

Hawk Chronicles

Hit the Bricks

In Her Burning

Ivory Towers

Kakos Industries


Kalila Stormfire's Economical Magick Services

King Falls AM

Martina and the Musician

Mermaids of Merrow's Cove

Midnight Radio

My Neighbours Are Dead


Our Fair City

Project Nova

Red Rhino



Station Blue

Tales from the Aletheian Society

Tales of the Liberty Flyer

The Amelia Project

The Big Loop

The Bright Sessions

The Current

The Far Meridian

The Grayscale

The Lonesome Pine Podcast

The Magnus Archives

The Neon Noir

The New Adventures of Red Riding Hood

The Penumbra Podcast

The Reykjavik Accords

The Stranger in the Storm

The Unseen Hour

The White Vault

Threads in the Vayl


Uncanny County



Voicemails in the Apocalypse

We Fix Space Junk

What's the Theme? With Tom & TJ

Wolf 359

Wooden Overcoats

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